Commercial Solar

Commercial solar stacks up.

Looking for ways to reduce your company’s operating expenses?
Want to reduce your environmental impact?

Installing solar will achieve both.
Solar panels are an investment in the future – for your business and for the planet.
You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the payback period, and the savings soon go straight to your bottom line.Plus, harnessing renewable energy from the sun is better for the environment.
Get in touch so we can design you a smart system that ticks all the boxes.

Not going solar? Not a good idea.

Businesses that don’t embrace solar energy risk major impact on their bottom line.

Without solar, you will:

Continue the cycle of reliance on high cost energy

In the last 10 years, the unit price of electricity has risen in real terms by 56%. Solar provides real savings across the life of the panels

Miss out on an opportunity to invest in other infrastructure

After the initial investment and payback period, the savings can be invested in growing your business

Lose sales to environmentally aware competitors

Customers prefer sustainable brands - 66% of consumers say they would spend more on a product if the brand is green.

Choosing the right commercial solar partner.

The market is bursting with companies wanting to sell you a commercial solar system. Here’s a few tips to help you navigate your decision.

Company credentials

Will they use their own staff to engineer, design, install and maintain your solar system? Or do they just subcontract it out?

CEC accreditation

Will your solar system use accredited products and be installed by Clean Energy Council [CEC] accredited electricians?

Complexity comfort level

Can your provider complete complex electrical upgrades if required, and achieve efficient national roll outs?

Financing flexibility

Does your provider offer a range of financing options including power purchase agreements [PPAs]?

Monitoring and maintenance

Avoid commercial systems that don’t monitor generation and consumption, and check you have a solid maintenance plan

Compare apples with apples

Some companies adopt a smoke and mirrors strategy to make their offer seem superior, check technical data carefully

Example financial savings

Here’s an example of the savings that an average commercial solar system can offer, get in touch and we can develop a model specific to your needs.

Our happy customers

Commonwealth Bank National Solar Rollout

Various locations across Australia
ENGIE is helping CBA meet their target to achieve 100% zero net carbon emissions by 2030

Knight Frank Solar upgrade

Melbourne, Victoria
Solar PV upgrade supports first 6-star NABERS rating for a Victorian commercial building

Solar-powered EV charging infrastructure for Porsche

Melbourne, Victoria
Solar-powered EV charging infrastructure for Porsche

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