Since 2015, Cook-Goodwill has paved the way for non-profits to participate in solar energy across the state of California and Iowa.

Help non-profits participate in the green revolution and to build a better future.

As a vertically integrated organization, we have control over the entire process from assessment,design,installation, maintenance and of course increasing efficiency.

Our executive management team has more than 40 years combined service for a variety of non-profits. From organizing fund raisers, donating money, time and now for the first time donating solar arrays to help off-set high electric bills, curb carbon emissions while providing an accessible entry into solar for our non-profit partners.


Cook-Goodwill is solely owned by Kyran “Casey” Cook. It is not a partnership but he relies on me to conduct his business here. He is 69 years old and was a commercial appraiser for over 35 years with an MAI designation which since his stroke at the end of 2018 has been allowed to lapse. He is now retired and has been since 12/31/2018. His partners who now own the business can be reached at dcronk@cook-appraisal.com for Dennis Cronk, and rdietiker@cook-appraisal.com for Rochelle Dietiker at Cook Appraisal. They now have 7 employees. He has been associated with Dennis and Rochelle for over 20 years.

Mr. Cook has served on the Iowa city planning commission for nearly 6 years, 12 years on the Johnson County Community Foundation where he spent two years as president. Ref shelly@cfjc.org the executive director Shelly Maharry. Sponsored golf tournaments for 14 years which has raised over $200,000 for the benefit of 501C organizations in our county. These organizations include Shelter House, Domestic Violence Prevention and the community food bank, and suicide prevention among many. He has worked for the Iowa Department of Transportation as a contractor and for municipalities throughout the state effectively and efficiently for over 35 years.

The offer

I’m sure you are aware of the issues in California regarding fires and the environment. To date, there has been no incentive for non-profits to join in the solar movement until now. We can’t promise that we can solve all of the energy problems but strive to do our part. The cost of electricity in Northern California is approximately .30 cents per kWh on average and soon it will be going up even more. We like to work with non-profits that have an account Southern Edison and/or PG&E. Some of the other local energy providers only charge .08 per kWh so not much savings at those sites and not a target for us. We only want to offset the costs of the higher SCE bills. So, if you have a building that is under an account with SCE or another provider equally as expensive that would be most suitable. If not, we probably wouldn’t be of much help saving you money. We provide the solar array, design, installation & maintenance at and charge a monthly fee one cent lower than the lowest rate per hour that SCE would charge.


Example: PG&E rates vary throughout the day from .18 cents to .42 cents per kWh

See attached bill for one of our clients in the area, The Pit River Indian Tribe. We provide you with the usage and amount of savings for the year so that you can easily track the amount used and the amount of money saved.

How it works

Cook-Goodwill LLC will install, design and maintain a solar array for one or more of your facilities at no cost to you. Our interest is in reducing CO2 emissions in California, helping a non-profit that we believe in, and offsetting our capital gains. If you have a building that we could look at sooner rather than later we would greatly appreciate it. We would provide, under contract, a solar array to offset as much as 95% of your total electricity bill each month. There is no way to completely offset the bill as we would still be tied to the grid in the event of a system failure. In that case, you would automatically use the SCE grid until we fix it. You will be provided a user name and password to the systems monitoring app where you can check usage provided by the contractor to cross-reference our bill. Our goal is to offset as many CO2 emissions as possible with our non-profit partners. So far, the savings in CO2 emissions through our efforts are staggering and we hope to do more.


We have financed three arrays on Goodwill facilities at Scotty Dr, Blair’s Ferry Road and Washington, Iowa. Tami Erb is our contact there. She is the CFO and her email is terb@goodwillheartland.org. There will be no cost to you but I will need someone to champion this process. We will need utility bills and the number of meters at issue as well as access to your roof. Your roofs must be in good shape to accommodate an array in that you will not require a replacement roof as these arrays last 25 years. We have a reliable, licensed commercial installer who has been in business since 1988 who would come by and inspect the site. I will be happy to answer questions or concerns. My number is (323) 707-2181.

Thanks again for your time and consideration. Please let me know if you would like to set up a conference call, meet in person or just zoom. We would love to work together.

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